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Wheelchair Ramp and Half Step Sales and Installation – Our modular platforms, wheelchair ramps, steps and handrails are all made in the Go Access factory in Somerset, and have proven to be the most adaptable and useful available. The directors of Go Access Ltd have been providing home adaptations for over twenty years, and are experts in the design & production of wheelchair ramp and elderly access.

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  • Wheelchair ramp length can be adjusted on site,
  • Ramps can angle off platforms, not just 90 deg,
  • Our decking is the most slip resistant available,
  • Engineered quality custom designed handrails,
  • Step rise adjustable from 80mm to 150mm,
  • Seamless join with door threshold,
  • Highly adaptable at the job site,
  • Truly modular design.
Modular Wheelchair Ramp at Front Door

Our wheelchair ramp can install right over drains and manhole covers – no changes needed

Our Go Access wheelchair ramp installs over all solid surfaces as well as over grass and bare ground – no landscaping needed

Thank you for the great work! 


School Business Manager, CE Junior School in Lancashire

Thank you so much… It looks perfect… Many thanks for your prompt service!

Ms A F

Occupational Therapist

Love it!

Mr C.

Private Client

So many many thanks to you and all your staff at Go Access – one quality job.  First rate service from my first enquiry til the last hand rail. 

Jo C

Private Client

I would just like to say thank you for your prompt service on Saturday. I can now get my husband outside on my own and with confidence.

  Mrs N. Worcestershire

Private Client

We will be happy to provide a design & quote for a wheelchair ramp or half-step from your emailed photos or sketch.
Our mini mesh decking is proven to be the most slip resistant available and has a 50 year life expectancy!
Distributors needed in Hampshire, Dorset, East Anglia and Scotland. Please contact us for more information.

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Perfectly Fitted Wheelchair Ramp with Warm Touch Handrails

About Us


We are Go Access Distribution Ltd, a UK home access provider. We offer free advice and design for semi-permanent wheelchair ramps, platforms, adjustable height steps and handrails.


We offer:

  1. Health Care Professional liaison for joint ramp assessments,
  2. Private customer surveys nationwide in homes, institutions & businesses,
  3. Quotes from customer photos and drawings,
  4. Complete sales and installation,
  5. Supply of bolt together ramp and step kits to contractors and DIY clients.

Our experienced assessors can accurately measure the location and provide estimates and drawings. Our ramps are so adaptable that we can often provide unique practical solutions not found elsewhere . Please contact us for more information.


Go Access Modular Platform and Half Steps With Handrails

Measuring for A Ramp – Thanks so much the ramps are fantastic…..

Its Not Difficult  Measuring for a Ramp Yourself Received 2/5/16 from clients who bought our Go Access ramps for the back and front of their home and installed themselves. Thanks  so much the ramps are fantastic, making life so much easier, giving us much more independence .                       S & C Reading   Measuring for a ramp for wheelchair access – Step by step for DIY installation 1. Measure the door threshold height from the ground. Using a tape measure, simple measure the height of the step or door way threshold (the raised section you walk over when entering) from ground level. 2. Write down this measurement in centimetres or inches. 3. If the area outside the home has limited space, check the approximate size of the area available to place a ramp or step, to make sure it will fit, leaving room at the bottom for a wheelchair for entry/exit. 4. Stand back and imagine where a ramp will go. Now look and see if the ground is flat from the beginning to the end of the ramp. 5. If the ground is level, then a calculation on ramp size and suitability will be simple. If however the ground slopes, then this must be taken into account when measuring the length and ramp gradient. a) On flat ground – Multiply the height of the threshold from the ground by the preferred gradient. For example, a 300mm rise and a 1 in 12 gradient (typical maximum rise for wheelchair access), will need a ramp 300mm x 12, or 3.6m long. b)...

Temporary Ramp for Wheelchair Access

Temporary Ramp For University Access During Construction We were recently asked to install a very large wheelchair ramp at Kent University to be used while renovations and construction were taking place on campus. This ramp is over 28m long (just the ramp not platforms) and has 1 large turning platform and 4 large resting platforms along its length. The temporary ramp was installed in two days and will be removed in the same time when no longer needed.  With its mini mesh highly slip resistant  surface and its brown powder coated rails it looks more like a permanent fixture instead of a temporary ramp! Temporary ramp during installation: Installation involves delivering large galvanised steel modules, sheets of mini mesh decking and powder coated handrails and then bolting all together and down to the pavers. Start of ramp showing large turning platform.  The ramp is 1.5m wide and has a gradient of better than 1 in 15 for public use. Resting platforms are placed every 5m or less along the length....

Ramp Slope 1 in 12 – Garden Access

Ramp Slope 1 in 12 – Free Standing Installation In this new installation the wheelchair ramp slope is 1 in 12, but the ramp is narrower than usual. This is to allow access  across the concrete patio area without going onto the grass. The ramp was installed along with others at the property to provide access for the client to all areas of the home and property back and front. Unlike the vast majority of our installations, no attachments to the leased property were allowed by the landlord. The carers will therefore be responsible for checking any incremental movements of the equipment over time when used.  Note also we have placed rubber threshold ramps inside and outside of the sliding doors. Rubber ramps are a good choice as they provide excellent slip resistance and grip most surfaces well. The UK’s guidelines as recommended by the DDA are a maximum of 1:12 for ramps (with exceptions for existing buildings) “Ramps should be as shallow as possible. The maximum permissible gradient is 1:12 […], with the occasional exception in the case of short, steeper ramps when refitting existing buildings.”[3] The ramp slope of 1 in 12 is generally regarded as the steepest gradient that should be used wherever possible. In practice we sometimes see locations where there is no choice but to have a steeper ramp. In small front gardens on older terraced homes for example, the garden is often only a few metres deep to the front gate. In this instance the length of any ramp is limited. Note also that at least 1.2 metres (4ft) of flat ground at the end of the ramp...

School Access

Wheelchair & Disabled School Access Ramps in 2015 Last year we installed a number of school access ramps for wheelchair and disabled use. Examples are below. While the majority are installed for general use to classrooms at the recommended 1 in 15 gradient for public use, several were for limited use at 1 in 12 gradient. Widths range from the recommended 1.5m to narrower 1.2m in restricted areas. The modular Go Access system is perfect for school access as the ramp can be designed to fit the need and space exactly and installation is quick and convenient. In some case we worked during school hours with barriers in place to restrict local access during installation.   In other locations we worked during school holidays, weekends and after school hours. The modular design quick installation allows a tight schedule and successful installation. with instant access and full usage as soon as completed.   Our mini mesh fibreglass decking is proven to be the most slip resistant available and is ideal in winter rain and ice. The end result is wheelchair access that gives great confidence to the user and...

Disability Grants – Charitable Funding for the Disabled

Disabled Grants in the UK Here is a useful website that highlights the various disabled grants available in the UK, from grants for housing adaptations to grants for children, holidays and drivers licenses.  Take a look, maybe there is something useful for yourself  or a family member. A number of our clients wheelchair ramps and half step installations have been funded by Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG’s), that were coordinated through the clients occupational therapist or local council representatives.  While this has worked in these cases, there are many more that have had a frustrating wait of months or even years in approval of a DFG. In addition home or business owners typically may not qualify for disabled grants as a means test is part of the qualification process. Other disabled grants are available from various charities such as the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association  (SSAFA) , Disabilities Trust or The Royal British Legion, and in these cases the process seems to be quite a bit faster. One more online resource worth looking at is Scope a website that offers an online search  for disabled grants and assistance.   In their site is a Benefits check area to use first, as this should be the first stop in any search for grant aid.   Find disabled grants in the UK towards the high cost of having a disability Source: Disability Grants – Charitable Funding for the...

Office Ramp – NHS Oxfordshire

Office Ramp Just installed – A new office ramp for an NHS office in Oxfordshire. This access ramp will be primarily used for supply carts, but was designed with a 1 in 12 gradient suitable for wheelchair use. In this case we supplied the equipment with NHS blue powder coated rails and posts, bit can supply with any RAL colour requested. As this office ramp is on a side entrance to an office building and not a surgery the 1 in 12 gradient and 1m wide ramp is suitable. If this building was a surgery or public building the ramp would have been designed at 1.5m wide and with a gradient of 1 in 15 as specified in Part M of the UK Building Regulations.   Installation Method Note below that this photo clearly shows the ramp installation method we use on all ramps. There is no attachment to the building, The platform and ramp are one unit, Ramp is attached to the ground with bolts through holes in the feet, Mini mesh decking of the platform fits at the threshold height for a seamless fit and level access. Quick free design service, and in this case installation in less than three...
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